Incredible Infrastructure

Built from the ground up. GlobalCMS allows the ability to make use of our incredible infrastructure. With all your hardware connected on the GlobalCMS Network, this incredible software takes away the stress of managing a large digital network.

With built in option of Digital Signage, when this option is turned on, you are able to convert this incredible software from just a monitor to a full Digital Signage solution with remote deployment of content right from within the GlobalCMS Platform.

  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Digital Signage
  • Asset Mangement
  • Remote Deployment of Asset
  • Remote Deployment of Content
  • High End Encrypted Network
  • ISO27001 Compliant Datacenter

Amazing Statistics

GlobalCMS tracks the stats of your hardware every 60 seconds, from the GlobalCMS platform you are able to track this data all from a single click

  • What hardware do you monitor?

    GlobalCMS supports monitoring of:
    GPU (if supported)
    With GlobalCMS ENV Sensor Add-on; The system can also support monitoring and logging of Air Quality, Air Pressure, Noise Level and Ambient Light

  • How easy is it to deploy GlobalCMS?

    GlobalCMS has a Windows Installer that will install all the base files that are needed for the program to run, upon running the software all you are required to do is follow the on screen instructions. With GlobalCMS remote deployment tool, you can remotely activate a new device right from the GlobalCMS platform. Its as simple as 1, 2, 3